Peace, Uvalde, and Memorial Day

Good Morning Family,I had no idea when I was preparing for last Sunday’s message about God’s promise of peace to us; the horror that awaited us after the Buffalo, New York murders that we would be horrified by the Uvalde school murders. It has been horrifying for the families of those children and mourning for…Read more Peace, Uvalde, and Memorial Day

He Sees Me When I’m …

The walk across Woodland's parking lot following Christmas Eve Services always has a deep sense of peace and joy for me. On many Christmas Eve nights it has been a cold and brisk walk with the campus blanketed in snow. This year the peace and joy were there and a sigh of relief that it…Read more He Sees Me When I’m …

We Have More on Our Side!

I'm sitting in our music room/library while Becky is playing worship music on the piano. The presence of the Lord and His peace is so real to us. Slowing down, focusing on God with each other, opens us to the unseen realities of eternity. In His presence we are encouraged, strengthened, and filled up once…Read more We Have More on Our Side!

Declutter Your Mind

Preparations have begun in our home for Thanksgiving Day. Two weeks ago, Becky had us casting out, casting down, and casting off anything that she didn’t think was necessary. Purging my study has been stressful. I want to scan every sheet of paper, I might need it, every receipt, I might need it, articles from…Read more Declutter Your Mind

The Power of Forgiveness by Cal Thomas

I've always benefited from Cal Thomas' commentary. His column about Isaac Hill, the president of the Black Student Association forgiving the students who participated in the hate filled sing along at the University of Oklahoma. Please take a couple of minutes and read the column. You'll think about it for a long time. Peace!