Peace, Uvalde, and Memorial Day

Good Morning Family,

I had no idea when I was preparing for last Sunday’s message about God’s promise of peace to us; the horror that awaited us after the Buffalo, New York murders that we would be horrified by the Uvalde school murders. It has been horrifying for the families of those children and mourning for all of us.

Painfully, I’ve prayed and thought throughout the week about the future of our nation and community, as I have prayed for revival in our nation’s churches and communities. God promises peace to his people amid storms and tragedies. We grieve with peace in our hearts as we pray in faith. For people who truly know God and pray without wavering in their faith, peace and power will be theirs for this hour.

Let me encourage you to watch or listen to last Sunday’s message, “The Promise of Peace” by following this link:

In calling for stricter gun control, I have heard people mocking prayer. Obviously, they do not know people of Spirit empowered prayer. It is the right of every American to advocate for legislation or even mock us for praying. However, legislation is not going to solve the continual decline into violence and evil that our nation is being overwhelmed by. We need a heaven-sent revival.

Do not be discouraged, but pray even more as our nation is tested. True believers are being sifted. Those who profess faith for only because they hope to prosper or do well in business or the community will blow away like chaff in the wind. Now is the time for passionate followers of Christ to pray and work to lead people to Christ. Never be ashamed of the gospel.

Tomorrow, we will have a special time of prayer for the families of our military who have lost loved ones and for the families of the slain children and teachers. 

Please take time to pray for the services tomorrow and invite someone to join you for worship at Woodland.

As always, I love you!

Your Pastor and Friend

Dennis Clanton

One thought on “Peace, Uvalde, and Memorial Day

  1. Thank you for addressing the horrible event in Texas. As I heard people respond to it in anger, I believe they were trying to say that prayer without wisdom or common sense most likely will not result in change. Does it make any sense that 18 year olds cannot buy a glass of wine or a beer, but they can legally purchase a weapon of war? If you received a cancer diagnosis, would you resort to prayer alone, or would you seek the best medical help you could find?
    I know that only God can change people’s hearts and we do need revival, but I have lived long enough to see behavior change as a result of legislation. Cigarette smoking and drinking while driving are just two examples. I believe the vast majority of people in this country want some sort of limits on who can purchase guns. It is time for our politicians to listen to them instead of following the money.

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