Saint Nicholas Day

“The giver of every good and perfect gift has called upon us to mimic God’s giving by grace, through faith, and this not of ourselves.” Nicholas of Myra Today, December 6, is the day we remember a faithful pastor that our modern story of Santa Claus is based upon. Nicholas of Myra was a model…Read more Saint Nicholas Day

Dreaming 25 years in Our Future

I dream about twenty years from now. In my dream I still rise early to have coffee with the Lord. My wife wakes up and I bring her coffee and toast in bed. We enjoy talking with one another watching the sunrise. (Remember this a dream." By the way she is drinking light roast coffee…Read more Dreaming 25 years in Our Future

Making Dreams Come True

I pray that the first two months of 2021 have been as productive and prosperous as people were hoping when 2020 was finally history. I found myself singing “Great is Thy Faithfulness” this morning. The phrase “morning by morning new mercies I see” filled my soul with music. Lamentations 3:23 tell us they are new…Read more Making Dreams Come True

Think Glorious Thoughts About God!

One of my great joys in world travel has been joining a local church for Sunday morning worship, or a prayer meeting during the week. As I sing and listen to my fellow Christians worship the Lord, I've learned to understand their words of loving worship expressed in spontaneous praise. A memory of this returned…Read more Think Glorious Thoughts About God!

Taking Pride

This Memorial Day will be memorable for me for quite awhile. Woodland buried a member of our local community today. We grieved with his wife and family. He was an devoted family man, an avid outdoorsman, and sports enthuisast. Although, I didn't know him personally, after meeting with his family, I believe we could have…Read more Taking Pride

Thy Will Be Done

Miracles happened throughout the Bible. At certain points in history like the Exodus, during the lifetime of certain prophets like Elijah and Elisha, the ministry of Jesus and the early church miracles happened frequently. God still does miracles today. God still heals, sets people free from what holds them captive, and the most important miracle…Read more Thy Will Be Done

Reaching My Potential

"God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit in power, and he went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil because God was with him!" (Acts 10:38) Just thinking tonight that since Jesus was anointed, led and empowered by the Holy Spirit, how much more do I…Read more Reaching My Potential

Honor the Lord with Your Health

One of my points in yesterday's message to Woodland was Honor God with your Body.  If we are faithful to follow God's guidelines on health (diet, exercise and rest) we can expect better health, more energy and stamina.  Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and should be treated that way. All of us…Read more Honor the Lord with Your Health

Recession Lessons: Detroitonomics part two

"When the nation gets a cold, Detroit gets the flu, Pastor." So said a businessman in the auto industry. I've learned some lessons from this recession that I'd like to share with you. Remember when Becky and I moved to Detroit in 1999 there were more jobs available than people to fill them. People were…Read more Recession Lessons: Detroitonomics part two

Amazing Grace, Eric Metaxas’ Story of William Wilberforce

Eric Metaxas, was a presenter last week at Acton University.  Eric is the author of the New York Times best seller Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy.  It was also named the Book of the Year by the EPCA.  He also wrote another one of my favorite biographies about William Wilberforce entitled Amazing Grace.  He wrote…Read more Amazing Grace, Eric Metaxas’ Story of William Wilberforce