By Prayer and Fasting

Jesus’ disciples tried unsuccessfully to help a boy after the boy’s dad asked them to. The dad and the disciples appealed to Jesus for help. As always Jesus came through and healed by delivering him from the grip of the devil. Later when the disciples asked why they had failed, he told them, “This kind…Read more By Prayer and Fasting

Joy and Disappointment in Two Weeks

Two weeks ago I was running the hills of Georgia, visiting with our parents, and playing with my grandchildren in North Carolina. One day I ran a steep hilly course that challenges me. Although my time will never threaten anyone, Beth Gilday's inspires me with her faith and prayers to keep running. Springtime in the…Read more Joy and Disappointment in Two Weeks

Honor the Lord with Your Health

One of my points in yesterday's message to Woodland was Honor God with your Body.  If we are faithful to follow God's guidelines on health (diet, exercise and rest) we can expect better health, more energy and stamina.  Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and should be treated that way. All of us…Read more Honor the Lord with Your Health