God’s Power for Us

Lee Iacocca and Vince Lombardi, two legendary leaders were talking. Iacocca asked Lombardi what it took to make a winning team. Lombardi said a lot of good football teams have the fundamentals and the discipline but they don’t win any games. He said there is a third ingredient if you are going to play as…Read more God’s Power for Us

Watching A Dream Flourish

Sunday Morning at Woodland while worshipping with our congregation a deep joy flowed through me. Eric, one of our young men home for the Thanksgiving weekend, led us in worship. Behind him was another student, Noah, home from Valley Forge, was playing guitar. Eric's parents were singing and Noah's Dad was playing bass. It was…Read more Watching A Dream Flourish

Joy and Disappointment in Two Weeks

Two weeks ago I was running the hills of Georgia, visiting with our parents, and playing with my grandchildren in North Carolina. One day I ran a steep hilly course that challenges me. Although my time will never threaten anyone, Beth Gilday's inspires me with her faith and prayers to keep running. Springtime in the…Read more Joy and Disappointment in Two Weeks

On Being a Pastor

I love being a pastor.  I’m especially grateful to have pastored Woodland Church for over thirteen years now.  When I was preaching to our congregation Sunday morning I realized just how much life our family has shared with them.  When it came time to serve communion at the end of the message Sunday morning, I…Read more On Being a Pastor

iBelieve in the Church sharing Good News!

Another reason I am so passionate about my belief in the local church is the Good News we've been given.  When Christ spoke about the Good News, so many people would come to listen that he would have to reposition himself to be heard.  The news that God loves us and that the problem we…Read more iBelieve in the Church sharing Good News!

iBelieve in the Church #2

Atop many churches sits a cross symbolizing Christ's commitment to the Church.  In those churches the cup and bread are shared remembering Christ's commitment to us.  The people literally are the body of Christ joined to him and one another somehow in mystery.  Both pictures are symbols of sacrifice.  The cross only he could die…Read more iBelieve in the Church #2