Watching A Dream Flourish

Sunday Morning at Woodland while worshipping with our congregation a deep joy flowed through me. Eric, one of our young men home for the Thanksgiving weekend, led us in worship. Behind him was another student, Noah, home from Valley Forge, was playing guitar. Eric’s parents were singing and Noah’s Dad was playing bass. It was cool to see so many of our college students home, sitting together and worshipping. I looked to my right and our son, Chris was home from Nepal, after a year of ministry there. When I welcomed them home there was cheering!

Next Dan, one of our men sang a song he had written. It was powerful and moving personally. Following Dan’s song, our Youth Pastor, Corey preached the first of our Advent messages. Immediately after the service, I blessed a couple’s reaffirmation of their marriage after their first decade. I’ve seen them grow and flourish in Christ through many adversities. As soon as the blessing was complete, our children came rushing into the sanctuary for Christmas play rehearsal. Becky and I attended a dinner in the youth center afterwards.

So many good stories I could tell you about Woodland but tonight, just one thing I want to share. Sunday morning a dream of a congregation that loved and followed Christ passionately so much their children would continue to follow Christ passionately. I am so grateful to Christ and a church called Woodland for pursuing the DREAM.


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