A Missions Class with Bob Roberts

Have you ever met a group of young adults and instantly took a liking to them? Further, after a few minutes you realize that you are touching, ever so briefly, the future? And you felt hope and confidence arise in your heart that these young people were going to be leaders to my grandchildren’s generation.…Read more A Missions Class with Bob Roberts

Preparation is Important

They are young, beautiful, smart, committed and very talented. With a committee, I'm listening intently to their story about the last three years. They live in a somewhat closed country, to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a Zoom call but you see and hear their joy, passion and pain as we ask questions…Read more Preparation is Important

On Mission!

“He anointed me… He has sent me on a mission...” (Luke 4:16–19, WUEST) “Just as the Father sent me, I send you.” (John 20:21, Message) I met an unhappy team of students overseas on a missions trip. It seems their leadership and the organization sponsoring hadn’t really planned a mission. These kids were not there…Read more On Mission!

Watching A Dream Flourish

Sunday Morning at Woodland while worshipping with our congregation a deep joy flowed through me. Eric, one of our young men home for the Thanksgiving weekend, led us in worship. Behind him was another student, Noah, home from Valley Forge, was playing guitar. Eric's parents were singing and Noah's Dad was playing bass. It was…Read more Watching A Dream Flourish

Joy and Disappointment in Two Weeks

Two weeks ago I was running the hills of Georgia, visiting with our parents, and playing with my grandchildren in North Carolina. One day I ran a steep hilly course that challenges me. Although my time will never threaten anyone, Beth Gilday's inspires me with her faith and prayers to keep running. Springtime in the…Read more Joy and Disappointment in Two Weeks

Huldah Buntain Visits Woodland Church

“Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it’s in your power to help them.” (Proverbs 3:27, NLT) We were honored to host Huldah Buntain this weekend at Woodland Church.  In 1954 Mark and Huldah Buntain and their one year old daughter, Bonnie, set sail from New York City for Calcutta.  Three ships…Read more Huldah Buntain Visits Woodland Church

The Potential of a Local Church

This Sunday at Woodland Church we were privileged to hear from our missionary to the Netherlands, Beth Gyorke and listen to a message by Greg Mundis, AGWM Europe Regional Director for 458 missionaries.   Beth served in our youth ministries at Woodland and was employed by the Lear Corporation until she accepted the opportunity to…Read more The Potential of a Local Church