Dreaming 25 years in Our Future

I dream about twenty years from now. In my dream I still rise early to have coffee with the Lord. My wife wakes up and I bring her coffee and toast in bed. We enjoy talking with one another watching the sunrise. (Remember this a dream." By the way she is drinking light roast coffee…Read more Dreaming 25 years in Our Future

Thanksgiving 2014

"The chance you had in life is the life you've got. You can make complaints about what people, including you, make of their lives after they have got them, and about what other people make of other people's lives, even about your children being gone, but you mustn't wish for another life. You mustn't want…Read more Thanksgiving 2014

Joy and Disappointment in Two Weeks

Two weeks ago I was running the hills of Georgia, visiting with our parents, and playing with my grandchildren in North Carolina. One day I ran a steep hilly course that challenges me. Although my time will never threaten anyone, Beth Gilday's inspires me with her faith and prayers to keep running. Springtime in the…Read more Joy and Disappointment in Two Weeks

Yea God for our Incompatibilities – 2011 Marriage Retreat

Erwin Lutzer said in a sermon, “I once met a man who said, “In the forty years we've been married, my wife and I haven't had an argument.” “I said to him, “Well, my marriage has not been quite that boring, personally.” Thankfully, mine and Becky’s hasn’t been either! G. K. Chesterton said, “I have…Read more Yea God for our Incompatibilities – 2011 Marriage Retreat

2011 Woodland Marriage Retreat part one

We were sitting in a large circle in a log room by a stone fireplace this weekend at The Shack in White Cloud, Michigan with couples from Woodland Church.  The conversation flowed with laughter, a few tears here and there, encouraging words, and authenticity.  These couples are working at building great marriages.  It's easy to…Read more 2011 Woodland Marriage Retreat part one

Building a Partnership for Life

This is a summary of a session Becky and I taught last weekend. Dennis Building a Partnership for Life - Faithfulness is much more than physical. Be faithful with your time, with your affection, your thoughts, unconditional love, and faithful in your prayers with your spouse and for your spouse. Becky Build a relationship list.…Read more Building a Partnership for Life

Woodland’s Marriage Retreat

Becky and I enjoyed Woodland's first marriage retreat with some very fun couples over the weekend at The Shack. We had some very illuminating conversations, lots of laughter, new friendships formed, and two great nights of huge banana splits! I want you to know that I really stepped to the plate with the ice cream. …Read more Woodland’s Marriage Retreat