Building a Partnership for Life

This is a summary of a session Becky and I taught last weekend.

Building a Partnership for Life – Faithfulness is much more than physical. Be faithful with your time, with your affection, your thoughts, unconditional love, and faithful in your prayers with your spouse and for your spouse.

Build a relationship list.
Who is my number one?
Who do I spend the most time with?
Who is my primary emotional confidant?
Who do I text most often?
Who do I call most often?
Who gets my emails?
Who lights up my fantasy life?

Build a solid constellation of good, healthy friendships.
I drew a diagram and we identified the kind of friends we need.
Be deliberate about forging friendships with strong couples.
Put yourself in an encouraging place. Places like Woodland where marriage is valued.

Attend a marriage enrichment retreat annually.
Some couples budget for marriage enrichment every year.
Read good books about marriage. We gave them a list. I’ll attach that later this week.
Encouragement is the key to accountability.

Dream together!
Without a vision marriages perish.
Share your hopes and dreams with one another.
You might be surprised what you learn.

2 thoughts on “Building a Partnership for Life

  1. Sounds like some awsome teaching and an excellent time. Would have loved to have been there with you all. God Bless you Pastor and Becky for how you have blessed our family over the years. We love you all very much and think of you often. Our prayers are with you! Kevin & Ramonita

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