Woodland’s Marriage Retreat

Becky and I enjoyed Woodland’s first marriage retreat with some very fun couples over the weekend at The Shack. We had some very illuminating conversations, lots of laughter, new friendships formed, and two great nights of huge banana splits! I want you to know that I really stepped to the plate with the ice cream.  Marv challenged me and well let’s say it had to be done!

Moving our marriages from Good to Great was the theme we built the retreat around. It was obvious these were couples who loved each other and wanted their marriages to continue to grow. For some it was their first time to attend a retreat like this. Then there were others who have attended retreats like this. Each of them contributed so much in our discussions and conversations.

We discovered quite a bit about ourselves and one another.  Perhaps the most helpful was that everyone has challenges in their marriage.  And that there are seasons of struggles and well as success.  Becky and I were honored to teach the sessions.  I will post a summary of our sessions Wednesday through Friday.

The sessions were helpful, but my favorite was the Saturday evening conversation around the fireplace. It’s been a long time since I fell out of my chair laughing. It was very unprofessional but it was great!

The Shack is right outside of White Cloud, Michigan.  It’s a beautiful and serene setting on Lake Robinson and very conducive to retreat like this.  We have scheduled our retreat there again for September 16-18, 2011.  I hope that you will make plans to attend.

Tomorrow’s post is about living a life of love.

Peace and Joy!

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