Our 39th Anniversary!

IMG_1590Just a brief note to give thanks for my wife and the marriage we have been blessed with. Yesterday, Becky and I celebrated our 39th Anniversary. We went to a small Bistro for reminiscing about our marriage, family, ministry and dreaming of the future. We laughed and talked. I took pictures of her. It was fun just the two of us alone! We were like two hungry kids, but we left half of our dinner on the table. The food was excellent. We talked and laughed so much that we just didn’t eat. I never leave food on the table!

(Oh and for those of you who know me. I hate Brussels sprouts! But last night, I had them the way they should be prepared always, braised in Maple Syrup and pancetta! Oh my goodness! Delicious!)

When we look back on our lives we were kids when we got married. We’ve grown up together and served God together. We’ve had a wonderful life! Our parents were fervent in their faith. Our children are serving God and have made us so proud! We have enjoyed serving together in ministry for 39 years. Our memories are fond and fun. Friendships that go back decades and those friendships have enriched us. We’ve been given far more opportunities than we deserve.

Oh, we’ve had our challenges but God has pulled us through. I promise you if you can stand the pulling; He’ll pull you through! We’ve forgiven and made up! But we have always been faithful to God and to one another. I made a vow to her, 39 years ago yesterday, to be faithful in my mind as well as my body. My marriage and family professor, Dr. Jack Sharp taught me that. Thanks, Dr. Sharp!

The reality is our lives have revolved around Jesus Christ. We love Him, we have served him together, we have grown together in faith, and we’ve prayed together, ministered together. By His grace and mercy we live, breath and move in Christ. “So live in Christ …” (1 John 2:27, GW)IMG_1514

Living in Christ! Living for Him daily together, serving Him, worshipping Him and a commitment to do all things for His glory invites His blessings and anointing upon marriage and family. God is always faithful to His Word and His people. It’s because of that; I so look forward to the future!

So Becky, let’s go for it! I love you more than you could ever think!

12 thoughts on “Our 39th Anniversary!

  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY…Your loving marriage is such an inspiration to the faithfulness of God! I pray many more blessed years to both of you!!!!

  2. Dennis & Becky… I trust you are enjoying this special day! It was an honor to have been a part of your wedding and thanks Dennis for being my best man! Where have these 39 years gone? Much blessings to you both and what blessings ww have all enjoyed from Him! Love you both. I Ron & DJ Gavin

  3. Happy Anniversary, Becky and Dennis! Congratulations on 39 years! Wayne and I love you and have fond memories from the years you were our Pastors!

  4. Hi Joanne! Thanks, we love you guys and treasure our memories of you guys as well. It was a joy to be your Pastor. I loved how you loved God and served Him together. Say hi to Wayne for me. Blessings!

  5. I am so happy to hear from you. I remember that special day in Georgia! You guys glowed with joy. We have to plan on getting together soon. Love ya big!

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