Before They Go to School (part one)

kids-going-back-to-schoolIt’s time to shop for school supplies, buy school clothes, and get schedules coordinated right? Yes, but that’s not the first thing. Prayer is first on our agenda as parents and a congregation for our students and their families in school and at university.

Why? For the Glory of God! We love, rejoice and want to glorify Him in all we say and do. Living for God’s glory is about His will in our families, ministry, vocations, recreation and education. In others in everything! God takes pleasure in us and our children.

Secondly because we know there are challenges that will face each of our children. Self Esteem Issues. Mental Issues. Gun Violence. Curriculum. Social Agenda Ideas about Life, Marriage, Family, Sex. Drugs. Body Image. Racial issues. Gangs. These issues should bring us to our knees in faithful intercession.

We are praying for our schools as well. Our local schools want academic achievement and to teach and model respect and responsibility; care and compassion. It takes families and churches partnering and praying together. It’s wonderful when faculty and administrators partner with you in prayer as well. I’ve seen it happen with principals, teachers and coaches. Those are not only fond memories but they produced powerful moments and transformed lives.

Ideas are powerful. Schools and Universities have become ground zero for advancing ideas without the participatory input of parents in many locations. I don’t think that most schools want it that way, although some do. My wife and I have always been welcomed when we desired input or to advocate for our children. Only once did a school, try to exclude us. My son, however insisted that we be included and the subsequent conversation was very fruitful.

Recently in conversation with friends the subject of ethics; knowing the right thing to do in a difficult or challenging situation has come up. Our children need more than knowledge. We need the power to make the right choice.

Tomorrow, at Woodland we are going to look to God’s Word about the challenges our students face and discover the source of power to do the right thing at the right time all the time! I hope you will join us.

I love you much!


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