Before They Go to School (Part Two)

bccurrentWhen a child begins learns to read and write an explosion of confidence, curiosity and imagination happens in their mind. I love seeing that happen! God has trusted us with our children and equips us to raise them successfully.

School starts Tuesday in our community. School supplies, school clothes, dues, class schedules, bus routes are on our minds. Parents are thinking about the best ways to educate their children. What do I need to know about early education, middle school, high school and college?

Depending on where your child or children are in their education you are making plans of some kind. Some are planning college visits this year. Others are working with their children for extracurricular activities that will look good on their college applications. Then there are SAT and ACT exams to prepare for.

There are a lot of challenges for parents and students in school today. The social challenges of bullying, gun violence, racial and sexual issues are an ugly part of it. But there are personal, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges as well.

In Detroit, a little 13-year-old girl with only a third grade education married a man who turned out to be a bigamist. She became the mother of one of America’s well-known sons, Dr. Ben Carson. He said that she never adopted a victim’s mentality but asked God for wisdom to raise her sons. She insisted that the boys write a book report every two weeks, not for school but for her. She couldn’t read! She was teaching them discipline. She gave them respect, her interest and accountability.

Dr. Carson’s brother became an engineer and he became a brain surgeon. In 2001 Time and CNN chose Dr. Carson as one of the to 20 physicians and scientist in America. Today in some polls he is tied for second place for the GOP nomination for president in Iowa. Not bad for a mom without an education in Detroit.

Mrs. Carson’s faith in God demonstrates the amazing possibilities of parenting.

One of my favorite verses is Acts 4:13.

After they found out that Peter and John had no education or special training, they were surprised to see how boldly they spoke. They realized that these men had been with Jesus.” (Acts 4:13, GW)

Here is a scriptural principle that applies to successful parenting. Spending time with Jesus and listening to and applying God’s Word increases our wisdom, knowledge and skill sets for parenting.So before they go to school, be sure and spend time with Jesus daily praying for them, reading and applying His Word as well. I’m praying that your family and mine will have a great school year!

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