Dreaming 25 years in Our Future

I dream about twenty years from now. In my dream I still rise early to have coffee with the Lord. My wife wakes up and I bring her coffee and toast in bed. We enjoy talking with one another watching the sunrise. (Remember this a dream." By the way she is drinking light roast coffee…Read more Dreaming 25 years in Our Future

Encouraging Your Spouse

"Encourage each other and strengthen one another..." (1 Thessalonians 5:11, GW) My wife's confidence, trust and encouragement mean more to me than anyone else in the world. She is a brilliant and talented leader with capabilities and insight that penetrates to the heart of an issue. People seek her out for counsel and encouragement. Often, I…Read more Encouraging Your Spouse

2011 Woodland Marriage Retreat part one

We were sitting in a large circle in a log room by a stone fireplace this weekend at The Shack in White Cloud, Michigan with couples from Woodland Church.  The conversation flowed with laughter, a few tears here and there, encouraging words, and authenticity.  These couples are working at building great marriages.  It's easy to…Read more 2011 Woodland Marriage Retreat part one