iBelieve in the Church sharing Good News!

Another reason I am so passionate about my belief in the local church is the Good News we’ve been given.  When Christ spoke about the Good News, so many people would come to listen that he would have to reposition himself to be heard.  The news that God loves us and that the problem we all have that keeps us from our real purpose in life (knowing and glorifying Him) has been solved!  Once we know the news, we can choose to embrace it and experience the new life that is beyond our wildest dreams!  Wow!

Years ago at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, I asked a Jewish news reporter this question.  “Why do you suppose so many Jewish people followed after Jesus in the beginning days of the church?”  His answer was cogent.  “Jesus loved them, told them about God’s love and He met their needs.”  Cool, huh?

Everything about the gospel is still relevant to us and our friends.  Have confidence in the power of God’s story love and work in your life.  Share it with joy!

Imagine for just a moment the potential goodness and power to heal and have a fresh start that is released when millions of passionate followers of Christ share what He has done for them.  I’m sitting here with a smile splitting my face with joy thinking about it!  So cool!

It’s another reason I believe in the Church!  You have God’s Good News with His power to share it!

Who wants to talk with you today?  I’ve got several of those opportunities today.  Already, I’ve had the chance to share with someone.  To see tears of joy fill their eyes as it dawned on them.  God’s love reaches them, no matter what!

“Each day proclaim the Good News that He saves.” Psalm 96:2, NLT

Peace and Joy!

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