Father Brown is the creation of G. K. Chesterton, a kind, but quirky and a well-meaning priest with a detective's heart. Recently, I discovered there is a BBC television series about Father Brown. In the episode, I watched recently, Father Brown was placed in a straitjacket in order to erase his memories. They villains feared…Read more STRAITJACKETS

Acts 8

Acts 8 has it all.  Persecution, a hateful antagonist who will become the beloved and powerful protagonist, the influence of a passionate follower of Christ, the importance of place, “power evangelism,” sorcerer, city wide revival, ethnic hatred being overcome, miracles (yep; real miracles), evil spirits exorcised (no kidding), emerging leaders being checked out by founding…Read more Acts 8

On Being a Pastor

I love being a pastor.  I’m especially grateful to have pastored Woodland Church for over thirteen years now.  When I was preaching to our congregation Sunday morning I realized just how much life our family has shared with them.  When it came time to serve communion at the end of the message Sunday morning, I…Read more On Being a Pastor