Father Brown is the creation of G. K. Chesterton, a kind, but quirky and a well-meaning priest with a detective's heart. Recently, I discovered there is a BBC television series about Father Brown. In the episode, I watched recently, Father Brown was placed in a straitjacket in order to erase his memories. They villains feared…Read more STRAITJACKETS

Great Leaders Bring Out the Best in Us! – Choosing A President

Great leaders bring the best out of us not the worst. These leaders have a vision that awakens them to possibilities other have thought impossible or are unwilling to try. When they share that vision with us we are challenged to stretch and take risks for the good of one another and the generations to…Read more Great Leaders Bring Out the Best in Us! – Choosing A President

Recession Lessons: Detroitonomics part two

"When the nation gets a cold, Detroit gets the flu, Pastor." So said a businessman in the auto industry. I've learned some lessons from this recession that I'd like to share with you. Remember when Becky and I moved to Detroit in 1999 there were more jobs available than people to fill them. People were…Read more Recession Lessons: Detroitonomics part two

Scrappy Debate Last Night

Last night's Presidential debate started well but quickly turned into a scrappy in your face confrontation between both candidates.  I enjoy the debates and look forward to them.  You're thinking, "I need to get our more."  Perhaps but last night's debate was uncomfortable!  This was a town-hall debate with undecided voters sitting within a few…Read more Scrappy Debate Last Night

President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

Congratulations to President Obama for winning the Nobel Peace Prize.  Anytime an American and especially our President receives this historic award we can all be proud of their achievement.  It means something to America and the rest of the world.  Our ideals are still leading the world. In his speech this morning, I appreciated the…Read more President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

Inauguration Day Prayer

The Pastoral Staff from Woodland Church and I watched the Inauguration at a local restaurant while we ate lunch.  I was very impressed with the warm prayer of Pastor Rick Warren for President Obama and the nation.  Pastor Warren received a lukewarm reception from the crowd but prayed passionately.  I've attached the text of his…Read more Inauguration Day Prayer

A Prayer for our President elect

Congratulations to our President elect, Barack Obama.  I encourage you to pray for him and his family as he prepares to assume the office that the American people have entrusted to him.  This is a very historic moment that we will talk about for the rest of our lives and our children will remember to…Read more A Prayer for our President elect