Creative Video for Sharing the Gospel

Since the first time I really mediated upon Exodus 31:2-5 I've been fascinated by creativity and craftsmanship. Reading and reflecting upon these gifts have cause me to conclude in some measure we all have a creative spark within us. It is the genius that children possess in abundance. Their imaginations go to work and soon…Read more Creative Video for Sharing the Gospel

Imagine if there was global revival…!

  Imagine if the entire world experienced a global revival placing their faith in Jesus Christ. Imagine the life transformation of entire populations that would happen and suddenly most of the problems of the world would disappear over night. I've always been impressed by how great world leaders admire the teachings and acts of Jesus…Read more Imagine if there was global revival…!

Before When Since

Sunday's message included a point about How to Share Your Story with someone, when you have only a moment.  Three important words.  Before.  When.  Since. What was your life like before you trusted in Jesus Christ?  For me the word was broken.  I was broken and bitter physically and emotionally. When I knelt down alone and asked…Read more Before When Since

Hide and Seek

Steve Bradshaw preached at Woodland this morning.  His message was Divine Hide and Seek, from Luke 19:1-10.  Jesus invites himself to Zacchaeus' house, when he sees him up in a sycamore fig tree.  Some people were angered because Zacchaeus' was a tax collector.  Tax collector's were known for their treachery.  They were basically legal thief's.…Read more Hide and Seek