Before When Since

Sunday’s message included a point about How to Share Your Story with someone, when you have only a moment.  Three important words.  Before.  When.  Since.

What was your life like before you trusted in Jesus Christ?  For me the word was broken.  I was broken and bitter physically and emotionally.

When I knelt down alone and asked Jesus to forgive my sins.  I wasn’t sure of all that decision meant, but I got up transformed and filled with peace and hope.

Since, I trusted Christ, He has given me significance, purpose, health and joy.  Everything that was impossible to me physically and emotionally suddenly became possible.

That takes about twenty seconds for me to say.

I’ll stop there and if people want to know more, they ask questions.  Usually, I’m asked quite a few questions.  If not, I trust God that a seed has been sown into their lives and God is work in their thoughts.  Perhaps you will come along and water that seed so that it grows.  Someone later will come along side of them and pray with them to commit their lives to Christ.  That would be harvest.  But it is all God’s work.

Friends, each of us have been called to share with others what God has done for us.  And no one can tell like you can.  Your story has credibility, influence and power.  When you have the opportunity to share your story, you are giving someone the gift of hope!  And you give God the glory for what He has done for you in Christ!

Would you write down your story using those three words and sent it to me at  I can’t wait to read it!


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