Creative Video for Sharing the Gospel

Since the first time I really mediated upon Exodus 31:2-5 I’ve been fascinated by creativity and craftsmanship. Reading and reflecting upon these gifts have cause me to conclude in some measure we all have a creative spark within us.

It is the genius that children possess in abundance. Their imaginations go to work and soon they begin creating stories, art, sculpture, and imaginary worlds. Whatever is on their minds, they bring it to life. (Narnia began in C.S. Lewis’ imagination as a child) 

In my study I have some of my own children’s creativity and the creative works of children who made me a gift. I keep them close by because of the joy that each one brings.

As we age perhaps we began comparing our drawings with those more gifted and concluded that we weren’t really artists, or vocalists, or builders. It’s a deep shame that we allow comparisons to rob of us that creative spark we all have. Sometimes I have to remind myself to just keep writing or sketching because it is my work using the gift God gave me to help me accomplish His will. My goal is to simply communicate well to those who listen and not to compare myself with others. I would lose heart if I did that.

I can listen to others and be inspired; study other communicators and learn to communicate better. However, I never want to lose the voice God gave me! Nor should you lose yours. 

My beautiful wife, Becky, is creative with her music, a paint brush, her stories, wit, writing, decorating, cooking, sketch pad, her flower gardens, and our home. She drips creativity. My creativity is found on scratch pad or a napkin as I draw my stick figures from time to illustrate something I haven’t been able to put in words yet. Most of it goes into the trash but some I keep, because it makes me happy.

Which brings me to this video. The artist and narrator is Dan DeWitt, he leads the center for Biblical Apologetics and Public Christianity at Cedarville University in Ohio. When I saw this today, I wanted to share it with you. What a marvelously simple way to share the gospel with friends. You can do the same in a notebook or several napkins. Use your own creative artwork to illustrate the Good News!

Let me know what you think. And by the way share this with your friends!


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