Think Glorious Thoughts About God!

One of my great joys in world travel has been joining a local church for Sunday morning worship, or a prayer meeting during the week. As I sing and listen to my fellow Christians worship the Lord, I've learned to understand their words of loving worship expressed in spontaneous praise. A memory of this returned…Read more Think Glorious Thoughts About God!

Kneeling a Healthy Life Habit.

One of the most healthy daily rituals or life habits you can form is to kneel before the Lord daily. Each day, it is my habit to drop to my knees in prayer. The reason, I drop to my knees is it an excellent reminder who God is and who I am. It is perhaps…Read more Kneeling a Healthy Life Habit.

In less than five minutes I could …

Just thinking! In less than five minutes I could complete some of the following for my wife, family, church, friends, or myself to clear my mind. In less than five minutes I could: ... text/send a check for my tithes, missions faith promise, or some other gift. Philippians 4:19. Yeppers!... use the search word unsubscribe…Read more In less than five minutes I could …


Father Brown is the creation of G. K. Chesterton, a kind, but quirky and a well-meaning priest with a detective's heart. Recently, I discovered there is a BBC television series about Father Brown. In the episode, I watched recently, Father Brown was placed in a straitjacket in order to erase his memories. They villains feared…Read more STRAITJACKETS