Acts 8

Acts 8 has it all.  Persecution, a hateful antagonist who will become the beloved and powerful protagonist, the influence of a passionate follower of Christ, the importance of place, “power evangelism,” sorcerer, city wide revival, ethnic hatred being overcome, miracles (yep; real miracles), evil spirits exorcised (no kidding), emerging leaders being checked out by founding…Read more Acts 8

Wendell Berry on Responsibilities and Priorities

"The only thing that a government requirement assures is a prolongation of government supervision." Wendell Berry Tonight I've been reading some essays by Wendell Berry.  Berry is a Baptist conservationist, farmer, professor, poet, novelist and gift to all of us.  I was first introduced to Berry's writings by one of my professors.  He poked the coals…Read more Wendell Berry on Responsibilities and Priorities