My Brother in Law and Friend, Pastor Garry Wiggins

Wednesday my sister's husband and my brother-in-law and friend, Garry Wiggins, passed from this life into the very presence of the Lord. We have been friends since the autumn of 1973, when we met our first year of college at Southeastern. Garry, drove a yellow Toyota Corolla and loved the horn on that car. He…Read more My Brother in Law and Friend, Pastor Garry Wiggins

The Serious Business of Heaven is Joy

“The serious business of heaven is joy.” (G. K. Chesterton) What a marvelous sentence. Heaven is a place of total and perfect joy. Augustine said, “It is the decided opinion of all who use their brains that all men desire to be happy.” Consider these descriptions from Revelation 21-22. God will live with us, sadness,…Read more The Serious Business of Heaven is Joy

Heaven A Place Called Home

Randy Alcorn wrote a very good book entitled Heaven. It is an encouraging and comprehensive book if it is quite a long read. It is biblical, and full of illustrations that help us think and rejoice about our eternity. One of the features of the book that I love is this. It makes you appreciate…Read more Heaven A Place Called Home

“Pastor, I’ll see you in heaven.”

"Pastor, I'll see you in heaven."  I've heard those wonderful words during my life. A good friend of mine died a few days ago.  I was honored to preach his funeral service.  His commitment to Christ was complete.  He made that commitment just a little over ten years ago.  He wasn't perfect, but he was…Read more “Pastor, I’ll see you in heaven.”