Three Verbs Helping Me with Covid-19

Saturday morning after expressing her concern that I was manifesting symptoms of the Corona virus, my wife asked me to get a Covid-19 test. It surprised me when the results returned positive. The thought of being in quarantine with a full week ahead was annoying. My first thought wasn't that I had the virus it…Read more Three Verbs Helping Me with Covid-19

December 31, 2020 Reflections

Today I've spent reflecting on goals and reading my journal from this year. On December 31 a virus that you cannot see with the naked eye was not even a part of my thought life or prayer life. January 19, Coronavirus was still not a concern for us. However, that Sunday, I preached a message…Read more December 31, 2020 Reflections

My Hope Is a Who!

Everyone seeks after hope. It is as necessary to our lives as food and water. Your children get higher GPA's, with hope. Athletes perform better, recover from injuries better, and adjust mentally to change better when they have hope. Elderly people who have hope live longer than those without hope. Hope breeds confidence to build…Read more My Hope Is a Who!

We Have More on Our Side!

I'm sitting in our music room/library while Becky is playing worship music on the piano. The presence of the Lord and His peace is so real to us. Slowing down, focusing on God with each other, opens us to the unseen realities of eternity. In His presence we are encouraged, strengthened, and filled up once…Read more We Have More on Our Side!

My Thoughts Tonight About Coronavirus

“Be my rock of safety where I can always hide. Give the order to save me, for you are my rock and my fortress.” (Psalm 71:3, NLT) The Church has an admirable reputation of responding to epidemics and plagues in her history. Their contemporaries, admired their dedication by risking their lives to serve the sick.…Read more My Thoughts Tonight About Coronavirus