He Sees Me When I’m …

The walk across Woodland’s parking lot following Christmas Eve Services always has a deep sense of peace and joy for me. On many Christmas Eve nights it has been a cold and brisk walk with the campus blanketed in snow. This year the peace and joy were there and a sigh of relief that it was a warmer evening. My family has gone home. I call to let Becky know that I’m on the way home. She was setting out several charcuterie boards to snack on while our children and grandsons exchange gifts with one another. I can hardly wait to get home.

Pulling into the driveway and the boys are looking for Papa. The dining room table is calling and the hot chocolate is great. The food is so delicious. Meats, cheese, fruit, olives, pickles, crunchy things, and some small deserts. The perfect meal following a Christmas Eve Service.

In a little while there are two Christmas carols sung (with two little boys wanting me to hurry up the songs). I am passing out gifts. Chris and Rachel forget to write who their gifts are from. So we pass around a gift with someone’s name on it laughing, from whoever! There is wrapping paper everywhere and the sounds of “I love it. Thank you. Look at this! What is it? Hurry up and open it!”

Everyone pitches in to clean up except for the boys, they are playing with their gifts. I’m sitting by the fire and I can hardly keep my eyes open. There is one more joyful thing we do on Christmas Eve, but I just can’t stay awake to do it. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow. I post this to Facebook and go to bed full of peace and joy. I am blessed!

“Merry Christmas! Emmanuel, God with us. He sees us, loves us, and is always with us! A beautiful Candelight service at Woodland Church and Family Christmas Eve exchanging gifts between siblings. Sleepy in a good way!”


Christ sees me when I am sleeping. He sees me when I am awake. He loves me! And He will always be with me! Hallelujah!

Tomorrow Opening Christmas Cards!


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