Imagine if there was global revival…!

  Imagine if the entire world experienced a global revival placing their faith in Jesus Christ. Imagine the life transformation of entire populations that would happen and suddenly most of the problems of the world would disappear over night. I've always been impressed by how great world leaders admire the teachings and acts of Jesus…Read more Imagine if there was global revival…!

Joy and Disappointment in Two Weeks

Two weeks ago I was running the hills of Georgia, visiting with our parents, and playing with my grandchildren in North Carolina. One day I ran a steep hilly course that challenges me. Although my time will never threaten anyone, Beth Gilday's inspires me with her faith and prayers to keep running. Springtime in the…Read more Joy and Disappointment in Two Weeks

Amazing Grace; Eric Metaxas’ Story of William Wilberforce (part two)

If Christianity is just doctrine it affects us, but Christianity is a person, Jesus Christ, and Christ changes us!  Wilberforce loved his enemies as Christ taught us. William Wilberforce’s two great objects   The Repression of Slave Trade The Reformation of the Culture This is part two of my posts about from Eric Metaxas' lecture…Read more Amazing Grace; Eric Metaxas’ Story of William Wilberforce (part two)

People bringing Hope in Detroit

I've been in Detroit quite a bit the last couple of weeks and I've witnessed something encouraging, "People bringing Hope."  In some ways the city is making a comeback.  Small business are opening, restaurants and independent coffee shops staffed by energetic, idealistic and hard working young men and women serve the business owners and their…Read more People bringing Hope in Detroit

Dream Again – Testing the Vision

A vision should be tested, evaluated, shared with people who will be honest with you regarding their thoughts. If you are not willing to share your vision for evaluation and counsel, you have probably not heard from God. After three years of thinking and praying, I shared with Becky one morning what was on my…Read more Dream Again – Testing the Vision