Monday Meditations

Jesus! His name is encouraging, hopeful, comforting and powerful.  Sometimes, I prayerfully just repeat his name over and over.  It’s amazing the peace that I experience as I meditate upon him by saying his name.  I still remember my mother and father repeating his name over and over in prayer by my bed as a child.  How often I’ve done the same with my four children,  and many that I’ve prayed with by a fire in jungle village, a mansion in a large city, in a park or street corner or in the hospital.  I’ve seen people completely changed by praying in Jesus’ name.

Yet if you read his name  without the previous paragraph you would might think that I was swearing.  You would be convinced if you read “Jesus Christ!”  However again, Christ is who He is, the LORD’S anointed.

Does it trouble you that there are many, that if I swear publicly using his name, they are not troubled.  Yet if I say his name reverently they are troubled greatly.  How America has changed!

Another thought that occupies my mind this Monday evening, is why so many people are confused about the Holy Spirit.  Jesus told us that one of the blessings of his ascension would be that he would send the Holy Spirit to us.  The Bible says,  that the Holy Spirit gives us life from Jesus Christ and sets us free from sin and death!  Amazing!

Okay two more thoughts on my mind before I go to bed.  Is General Motors now Government Motors?  Since we are now all stock holders should we buy Chevy instead of Ford?  A direct marketing guy one time told me you should sell a product unless you are going to buy and use it yourself.  It’s a matter of integrity he said.  So now that we have bought GM should we only buy GM?  Gee, I really like my Pontiac, but a black Mustang convertible is way cool!

One more thought, the murder of the late term abortion provider in Kansas was evil.  Pro-life groups across America are voicing there strident and strong disapproval.  Pray for the Tiller family.  Pray for pro-life ministries and organizations.  Some will try to use this evil tragedy to silence the pro-life movement.

We have been chosen to live in such a time as this to live out the Good News of peace on earth and goodwill towards all people in God’s love and power.

Peace and Joy!

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