Essential Church Review

I just finished reading the book Essential Church by Sam and Tom Ranier.  The book is primarily about reaching dechurched young adults.  Dechurched are those who young adults raised in church, left the church but not their faith.

I’d give it three stars!

The primary reasons given were as follows.

1. They wanted a break from church

2. Members of the church were judgmental and or hypocritical

3. Stopped attending church when they went to college

4. Work

5. Moved

6. Too busy

7. Lack of connection

8. Disagreed with church’s political and or social positions

9. Friends outside of church

10. Believed they were attending only to please others

The author’s (father and son authors) suggestions for reaching and keeping them in the church were.

1. Build relationships with them

2. Doctrinal preaching

3. Make church challenging.  They have had enough for the them give them something to do.

4. Involve them in evangelism!

5. Have an intentional discipleship ministry

This sounds like Woodland Church’s mission!

Peace and Joy!

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