Man knows not his time

Last Thursday John Maxwell spoke at the Toledo National Day of Prayer and then spoke for a leadership event in Toledo.  Gary Godfrey attended the event and committed his life to Christ.  He filled out a card indicating his faith commitment to the Lord.  Tragically the next morning at 10:00 he was killed in industrial accident at Zug Island.

Monday I met with his grieving family and we talked about Gary’s life and planned yesterday’s funeral.  He left behind his loving wife, three sons, two grandsons and mother.  However Gary also left them with a wonderful gift.  The knowledge that he believed in Christ’s redemptive work and committed his life to the Lord. 

What a difference that makes, when your loved ones are gathered around your casket saying good-bye.  There is hope and a confidence for that wonderful day when we are reunited in heaven.

Do you have an Impact List of friends and family that you pray for to put their trust in Christ?  Never give up!  Gary was 61.  What a difference a day makes!

One thought on “Man knows not his time

  1. How tragic, but also how perfect (the timing). One day the Angels in heaven rejoice, then the next day, we mourn his loss. God has a perfect plan for Gary, and only He knows what it is. I will pray for Gary’s family, but rejoice knowing where he is. Praise God!

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