Thy Will Be Done

Miracles happened throughout the Bible. At certain points in history like the Exodus, during the lifetime of certain prophets like Elijah and Elisha, the ministry of Jesus and the early church miracles happened frequently. God still does miracles today. God still heals, sets people free from what holds them captive, and the most important miracle of all is saving us from our sin and giving us a fresh start in life.

It’s humorous to me when some people insist that miracles have ceased. It’s also sad when they discourage people from praying for God’s intervention in their lives. The fact that we don’t get everything we want in prayer doesn’t mean that God doesn’t answer prayer and sometimes with the miraculous.

Thy will be done was the prayer of Jesus in the garden before his betrayal. It’s also how Jesus taught us to pray. I trust Him. If he chooses not to answer my prayer the way I’d like him to is because of his amazing love. He knows best. It’s probably easier for parents to understand what I’m thinking here. When it is in our power to give our children what they want but we know wait or no is the best answer, wisdom chooses that.

Peace and Joy!

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