Self Improvement

 This weekend I visited a local bookstore’s news and self help sections.  I was intrigued by the titles of the books and articles.  Some I wanted to read, some I’ve read and some I laughed at.  My favorite are the Dummies books.  Of course as the authors point out if you are humble enough to admit that you are a dummy about their subject, you can of course improve your skills, talents or perhaps your personality.

Which brings me to the subject we discussed last week.  The Second Coming of Christ.  Without a doubt, Jesus’ promised return, is the greatest personal motivation I have for improvement.  “See how very much our Father loves us, for He calls us His children, and that is what we are!” 1 John 3:1a, NLT

The Good News is that I don’t have to try harder, I just need to draw closer to Him.  One of my favorite choruses from the 90s was, entitled, Draw Me Close to You.  It was a more contemporary version of the old song, Draw Me Nearer.  The closer we get to Jesus, the more time we spend in worship and service to Him, the more we grow like Him.  That is self improvement!

Peace and Joy

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