Christmas – One step at a time.

Michael Card’s “Joseph’s Song” is beautiful musical story of Joseph’s love for the Son of God he was called to adopt. Each time it’s played in our home I begin to sing. Like Joseph, Dads learn that you have to take fathering one step at a time.

The angel’s message to Joseph about Jesus’ miraculous conception would also mean Christmas living is one step at a time. There would be the joyous greetings of Simeon and Anna. There would also be the murderous threats of Herod and the sniggers of the locals who disbelieved. Joseph’s character would be tested in ways that he had not anticipated as a young man. This was not the life he and Mary planned.

Not many of us are living life out the way we anticipated when we were young. We have learned to follow God one step at a time like Joseph. Today Bethlehem, tomorrow Egypt, next year Nazareth as we follow God’s plan for our lives. Pilgrims, yes. Citizens, yes also. But always as the apostle James said, “Tomorrow if the Lord wills.”

One day, one step at a time. This too is part of the Christmas story.

Have you discovered that the walk of faith has led you to places you didn’t expect to go?

Have you met people who unexpectedly encouraged you? Discouraged you? Threatened you?

What are you doing today that is one step at the time?

Often I have found myself living in a place where in the middle of God’s will it would take a miracle to make it. It’s not always fun but I wouldn’t give it up because there I am close to Christ.

See Matthew 1-2, Luke 2, and James 4

Peace and Joy!

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