Wonderful Counselor

Good counsel refreshes, strengthens and enlightens us. It can save our lives, our marriages, our fortunes. It is priceless and rare but it is available to all of us in Christ. Isaiah prophesied that Jesus would be a Wonderful Counselor.

You can build a loving marriage, a happy home, a fulfilling career, vibrant churches and a strong virtuous nation on the counsel of Christ. Jesus compared His Word to building your house upon a solid foundation that would withstand any storm of hell that blew against it.

His counsel wil guide you into a generous, creative, noble, loving life of wisdom. The counsel of Christ goes into the core of our being empowering us to resist evil and overcome it with good. Friends the counsel of Christ works!

Good counsel benefits the people who act appropriately upon it. Wisdom is known by its actions.

We have all seen the consequences of poor counsel. The near collapse of our nation’s economy and with it the economies of other nations was the result of poor counsel. The ethnic and religious hatred that persuades people to believe genocide is the answer. Think of Darfur, the Kurds, or Bosnia in our lifetimes. The whirlwind of poor counsel has blown apart many homes.

We need more than ever the wonderful counsel that the Lord gave us in a tiny manger long ago in Christ the Lord. The Word of God abideth still!

Do you have a trusted wise friend, pastor, counselor you can turn to?

What counsel do you need tonight for happiness and peace of mind?

Do you know how to turn to God in prayer and the Scriptures to find God’s counsel for your needs?

If so talk with your pastor, friend or drop me a line. If I can help you I’d be delighted.

Merry Christmas!

Peace and Joy!

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