The Center of Christmas

Memories of Christmas’ past and wishes for this Christmas fill my thoughts lately.  There are so many wonderful childhood memories and memories of the first Christmas Becky and I celebrated in our first year of marriage and of our own children.  At the center of Christmas for all our lives has been the story of our Savior’s birth.  I love this time of the year.  Because it is so busy for Becky and me; we refuse to allow the specialness of the season to be lost!  Christmas is Good News!

The stories of people who dread Christmas have something in common.  They miss Christmas because of either broken relationships, lost traditions or the commercialism.  Christmas is about our Savior who has come to save His people from their sins.  That’s good news!  Even better news is He is coming again!

Building our hopes upon loving relationships and treasured traditions are sure to disappoint.  Relationships sometimes fade or fail.  Traditions never give us peace on earth.  Have you ever watch children tear through present after present just to see what they got.  Why is when we have faith, friends, family, and food we still aren’t satisfied. Maybe, just maybe, the stuff, the relationships or the traditions aren’t what you are looking for.  Christ is the center of Christmas, of history and the universe.  When John was allowed to peer into heaven in the Revelation he saw the Lamb of God on the throne!

Jesus is always present where two or three gather in His name or as close as your prayer.  His love is always and forever constant and sure.  This Christmas center yourself, your loved ones upon Jesus!

I encourage you to stay focused upon how marvelous God’s love is.  He saves us from our sins and eternal separation from Him through Christ!  Joy to the World!

Peace and Joy!

One thought on “The Center of Christmas

  1. Pastor, sometimes this time of the year is so hectic that one almost can’t help feeling overwhelmed. Then all I have to do is remember that Jesus IS the reason for the season, and a great feeling of peace overcomes me and relieves the stress level so much. I’m so thankful for a savior who loves me and helps me get through these times.

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