Faith Acts in Love

I enjoy adventure and action.  A vacation that includes something new like white water rafting, rappelling, snorkeling, skiing a black diamond or even a new dining experience with some exotic food!  Becky and I have had quite a few adventures following Christ in our marriage and ministry.  When I think about it, two things come to mind.  Gratitude for God’s call and gratitude for my wife’s great faith.  More than once she has turned around and looked at me in all seriousness and said, “You owe me!”  She has lived out the Scripture in Galatians 5:6, faith is “expressed and works through love.” (Amplified)

What is Faith?

Faith is not a mysterious feeling that comes over you, like a flash of inspiration that you see in the movies.  When you love Christ you just want to serve him. Faith is a conscious decision to act on God’s Word.

When we were just beginning our ministry, an Assemblies of God pastor from Evanston, Indiana told us this, “When you follow God you will always be in need of a miracle.”  Living by faith in God’s Word will bring blessings into your life, but the way is always through the cross.  There is more action on the other side of the cross than I would have ever dreamed.

Think about James 2:20 for a minute.  “The full meaning of ‘believe’ in the Scripture sentence, ‘Abraham believed God and was set right with God,’ includes his actions.  It’s that mesh of believing and acting that got Abraham named God’s friend.” Message

What was the mesh of believing and acting? For Abraham it involved leaving his family to follow the call from God; to leave his father’s home to follow God to a new land.  Family, security and culture were left behind as he followed God’s call on his life.  God promised Abraham a family and that the nations would be blessed through Abraham.

When he and his wife had grown old and childless, the Bible said he considered his body dead.  God had promised a son.  So even though it was physically impossible he believed God who is able to call things into existence that don’t exist. (Romans 4:17)  God always kept his Word.  Here is why this is important.

He acted upon his faith in God.  He depended on God to be true to his Word.  It was only in leaving his family he could become a blessing to all the families upon the earth.

It was only by leaving his family Abraham could become a blessing to all the families upon the earth.

Jesus called his disciples away from their nets (careers) and their father (family).  Their lives were filled with joy and blessing but they walked the way of the cross.  Their lives have become a blessing to us as they shared their story of God’s grace.

Faith is a mesh of believing God and acting upon His Word.  God is probably not calling you to walk away from your career and your family, but His call upon our lives will always involve leaving the culture of this world’s values. It will always be God first, family second.  And He will always prove to make you a blessing to your family, friends and community.

What steps of faith do you need to take?

Where does your faith need to grow?

Can you see yourself becoming a blessing to others as you follow Christ?

Peace and Joy!

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