Grace thoughts from a Teenager

My first understanding of grace came from a high school friend.  I was discouraged by a selfish, sinful attitude of mine that persuaded me I wasn’t truly “saved.”  Friends came up to me inquiring what was wrong.  I didn’t want to say, because I had witnessed to all of them.  

I remember to ladies with tongues longer than the altar in our church saying I wouldn’t make it two weeks.  It wasn’t the best of motivations but I sure wanted to prove those two women wrong.  But they were right, I had sinned.  You would laugh, but my conscience was so tender.  My understanding was that I was supposed to be perfect.

Anyway my friend demanded to know what was wrong.  I broke and told her.  She took me by the shoulders and told me that Christ had died for all of my sins, past, present and future.  As she explained forgiving grace to me, suddenly hope began to spring up within me.  God’s grace is greater than all my sins!  

Tonight I’m giving thanks for a teenage friend and her wonderful church for their witness to students.  Her encouragement is one of the many ways that God has used to work in my life.

Who are you encouraging today I God’s grace?

Peace and Joy!  

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