It’s hard to believe I am 55 years old. Use to think that was OLD! Now, its like, hey this is cool! It’s a remarkable time of life right now. I’m enjoying my marriage, our children, the ministry and the opportunities that I’m afforded. The joy is increased because there are simply no regrets. Moving to Michigan eleven years ago was frightening. We knew God had called us. All the months of prayer, dialogue and counsel helped us to make the decision to leave a district and ministry we loved so much. Truly we received more than we had ever been able to give.

Becky and I have endeavored to always give fully of ourselves wherever God has placed us. We both agree that we have never been able to out give God. He just seems to continue to pour back into our lives more and more. Sometimes I wonder how will we be able to contain all the blessings He has given.

You see, there have just been so many impossibilities that God has made possible. I really believe what Jesus taught, “With God all things are possible.” I came into this world severely crippled and remember so many times overhearing “he won’t live.” But God…!

So tonight, pardon me but now I’m getting just a bit emotional, But God has been so kind to me in every way. I love Him so much! Sometimes my heart aches just to know Him better. I owe everything to Him. I’m totally surrounded by His goodness.

Oh, there have been plenty of challenges and trials. But those were never meant to defeat me instead they were there to develop me. There have been times when I was more like Jacob than I should have been. Suddenly, in one of those challenging moments, I would become aware that God was in this place and I didn’t know it.

So here I am with lots of passion, vision and drive for each day. I’m blessed to arrived at this point of life with so many healthy relationships.

I had breakfast with good friends this morning, great meeting with a terrific staff over a seafood lunch (yellowfin tuna!), some funny phone calls, a five mile run before dinner with the love of my life and two of our children.

The Lord willing tomorrow, I will meet with more dear friends and preach the Word again and come home to house of love.

For whoever reads this, “Thanks for being my friend!” God bless you!

Peace and Joy!

4 thoughts on “55

  1. I believe Heaven will be a lot like camp with all the good things and none of the bad things and never having to worry about leaving again and missing everyone.I can’t wait until that final “ROLL CALL!”

  2. Thank God for bringing you and your family to Michigan. Debbie and I love you and Woodland. God Bless you!

  3. Hi Pastor! Great words of passion and faith. So glad your desire for people and for God continues to grow stronger. You’re a great pastor and a wonderful man of God. I’m privileged to have served with you and learned from you. Keep DREAMing!

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