Meet Pastor Mark Warda part 3

I asked about the musical influences in Pastor Mark’s life.

DEC: If you could study under any historical musical figure, who would that be?  (His face lit up.  This was the best part of our conversation.)

MW: Bach and Handel are two of my favorite composers, from my favorite era, the Baroque Era.  Bach in particular wrote all music to the glory of God.  Bach was incredibly busy.  He wrote enormous amounts of work and still balanced a large family. (Bach had 20 children.  Only 10 survived infancy.)  All of his children were gifted musicians and went on to become successful church musicians themselves.  He left a legacy of music through his children; he had a godly influence in their lives.

DEC: What has been the one bit of advice you received that has produced the most improvement in your life as an artist?

MW: My propensity is to be a perfectionist; I was counseled to stop being so detailed.  I have been able to accomplish more, by resisting the tendency to spend too much time in details.

DEC: Mark, if you were not in the ministry, what vocation would you have pursued?

MW: Absolutely high school teacher, it’s what I went to college for.  One of the things I like most about my ministry is teaching the students at Woodland music.

tomorrow part 4 – leadership and leisure

gave a perspective that as incredibly busy as he was, he

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