Meet Pastor Mark Warda part 4

I asked Pastor Mark to share about leadership and leisure.  Photography is one of his hobbies.  He took the ones to the left.  Isn’t that cool?

DEC: Mark, what is the time management advice you’ve been given that has been most helpful?

MW: Ordering priorities.  My tendency is to do the lesser important things because they don’t take much time.  Once I start something I don’t like to stop.  But I am learning to take the most important things and break them into small achievable steps, schedule them and accomplish each step.

DEC: How about leadership advice?

MW: Develop a better sense of delegation.  The encouragement and effective use of delegation.  It’s hard for me to ask for help and it’s easy for me to do it myself.  I don’t believe I can do it better than someone else.  It’s just hard for me to ask for help.

DEC: I’ve watched you grow in leadership and time management.  You are a very productive member of our staff.  This past weekend’s Fine Arts Weekend and the Magnify concert was proof of that.  Thanks for growing as a leader.  What discourages you in ministry?

MW: I get overwhelmed because I haven’t asked for enough help.  I end up doing more that I should.

DEC: A pastor is to equip others to do ministry as Ephesians 4 teaches.  I have seen a lot of people start serving in ministry in various places at Woodland, since you’ve became a member of the pastoral team.  You’ve cast vision and modeled ministry as you have recruited others to serve.  Thanks for helping them find a place to volunteer.

DEC: Do you exercise?

MW: I exercise Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with free weights.

DEC: Do you play any sports?

MW: I’ve tried golf and I think I want play more.  I also enjoy playing ping pong and bocce.

DEC: What do you do for leisure personally and with your family?

MW: I like to play video games with my son Phillip. As a family we play music together, and we also enjoy board games.  I love deep strategy board games with a few people.  I like puzzle books, like lateral thinking books, like Mensa puzzle books.

For leisure: I enjoy composing and arranging music.  Its fun playing along with accompaniment tracks on various instruments in different styles like jazz sax or Celtic flute.  I also enjoy art in a variety of Medias, particularly calligraphy.  I’m learning a new music composition computer program called, “Sibelius” to write music for instrumentalists in our church.  Working through a 700 page manual, it’s as much work related as it is personally fulfilling.

Another thing I enjoy is photography!  I love affirming artists and photographers in the church by displaying their talent.  We have a photo gallery in the foyer with the current theme, “Sunrise Sunset.”  Here are a few photos that I took.

DEC: Thanks Pastor Mark for taking time to talk with us.  God bless you!

Peace and Joy!

2 thoughts on “Meet Pastor Mark Warda part 4

  1. Pastor Mark, I don’t when you have any time to do the things that you enjoy. You are so busy. I guess that it why you are so talented. You always take the time to learn or hone your skills and interests. Keep up the good work. It shows! Nice interview too Pastor.

  2. Well Pastor Mark, very glad to meet you. You are a very interesting, detailed guy. Great interview. Ive met your wife and have seen your kids. What a nice family and certainly a Blessing to Our Church

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