Meet Pastor Mark Warda part two

When you are speaking with Pastor Mark, you quickly realize that he is well read, remembers details and can apply what he has learned to life.  I asked him about his reading disciplines.

DEC: Mark, tell me about your devotions.

MW: I get up at 7:30 and spend about 45 minutes in prayer and Bible study.

DEC: What are you reading in the Bible?

MW: This year I am focused on the New Testament.  I use Logos Bible software.  Currently I am re-reading the book of Matthew and I’m in chapter 16.

DEC: What book or books have the most impact on your life besides the Bible?

MW: Two of my textbooks in college about composing music and reading the scores of other composers.  In particular Gustav Holtz’s The Planets Suite.  Other books that have had an impact on my life are Worship Evangelism by Sally Morgenthaler, Let us Worship by Judson Cornwall, The Heart of the Artist by Rory Noland, The Case for the Creator by Lee Strobel and An Hour on Sunday by Nancy Beach.

DEC: What are you currently reading?

MW: The Worshipping Artist by Rory Noland.  I’m reading this book with my small group.

DEC: How do you retain what you read, so that you can recall it?  Do you a use a filing system?

MW: I find that I am best able to remember what I’ve read, if I share it with someone.  Once I do that, I have it.  I file notes on my computer that I want to keep for future reference for writing and speaking.

DEC: What are you reading for fun or relaxation?

MW: I really enjoy using Logos Software on my computer.  I like to clink the links to read in commentaries and word studies.  In the evenings I am reading the New York Times Big Book of Science Questions and Answers.

part 3 tomorrow

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