Meet Pastor Mark Warda

Meet Pastor Mark Warda, the Creative Arts Pastor at Woodland Church.  Mark leads a highly creative team of musicans, vocalists, artists, actors and a technical team.  His leadership is evident in their lives by the mentoring they do with young artists in our congregation.  The passion and authenticity that his team brings to worship is inspiring.  He is also an incredible artist and passionate follower of Christ himself.  Over the years that we have served together, I’ve met numbers of people who have become a part of our ministry because of his influence.

Above that Mark is a great husband to Kyra.  Together they are an incredible team.  My former pastor, Milford Addison was fond of saying that when God called a man or woman to ministry that call extended to the spouse.  This is certainly the case with Kyra.   They are the parents to Philip and Melody, who have inherited some great genes.  Those kids are blessed with incredible voices (no surprise there) and work hard practicing.

Mark’s numerous strengths include developing artists, writing songs and articles on worship.  One of his great contributions in my life is willingness to read, absorb and share what he learns from those boring users manuals that come with equipment that we use.  I don’t know how he stays awake much less remembers but, thanks Mark.

Best of all, he is my friend and co-laborer in Christ!

This week I thought I would share with you some answers to questions about ministry, family and personal devotion from Pastor Mark, I think you find it interesting.

3 thoughts on “Meet Pastor Mark Warda

  1. Mark is an awesome creative arts pastor along with being a super person. It has been such a huge blessing having him at Woodland. Sunday night’s magnify was a great example of his skills. What a great family he has too. One of my co workers showed up Sunday night (to see a relative perform) and I can’t help but think he was impressed!

  2. Mike, thanks for your comment. We are very fortunate to have Pastor Mark as part of our pastoral team. I enjoyed the first Fine Arts Weekend at Woodland. Capping it off with Magnify was terrific. Thanks for inviting your friends to Woodland. Love ya!

  3. For the short time I spent at Woodland I was deeply impacted by Pastor Mark. I’ve always and still want to be a worship leader one day! He is a great Godly role model to me!

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