Memorial Day 2010

A few years ago while visiting Normandy and the historical sites of D-Day, I met an elderly Ranger leaving a  small handmade cross with the words “From one who has grown old to my friends who did not.”  He was weeping sadly.  I stood by hoping he would acknowledge me.  When he did I thanked him for his sacrifice.  He told me the fascinating and heroic story of the climb up those cliffs to take out those concrete casings that the Germans had placed their large cannons in. When he finished his story of why he had returned for the first time to this place to remember and pay tribute to his fallen friends I knew I would never forget him or his story.

Thanks to all those who lie quietly awaiting the resurrection who gave their lives for freedom.

The movie The Longest Day is a fairly realistic story of D-Day.

Spend thirteen minutes listening to President Reagan’s D-Day speech.

Peace and Joy.

One thought on “Memorial Day 2010

  1. Pastor, Normandy is so important in our history. Such a great sacrifice for our behalf. We should always thank a veteran. How many would give there own life so that we could live freely everyday? God bless all veterens. Saving private ryan was also a good movie to remember this invasion. Very intense.

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