Friday Finale (May 14, 2010)

Becky and I spent the morning together before she left for the Ladies Retreat for Woodland Church.  When she left, I remembered what an old friend told me years ago.  “It’s good for Becky to leave you for a little while.  Makes you appreciate her more!”  When she’s gone the loneliness kicks in pretty quickly.

I quickly decided that a run was in order.  Being outdoors, especially when its sunny and breezy is always a pick me up.  Running alongside a midwestern meadow on a windy day is like being at a green ocean.  The breezes flow across the tops of the grasses and it looks like waves.  It’s beautiful.  The wind was stiff.  When I was stretching, it almost blew me over.  I was hopping on one foot.

Even though we’ve been here eleven years.  I’m still amazed at the differences in the seasons.  A lot of trees were just now putting on their leaves.  Many still have that light green look.  And under the trees were some beautiful white flowers growing almost like carpets.

I’m so grateful for God’s work of healing and grace in my life.  Just to be out there running and enjoying the outdoors is a miracle.  It’s been a James 1:17 day!

I’m posting a follow-up about the gear I use running.

Peace and Joy!

One thought on “Friday Finale (May 14, 2010)

  1. Thank you for sparing Becky for that retreat weekend. Her messages and her presence in my small group blessed me greatly!

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