My Running Gear

I love to go for a run.  I’ve seen many of the world’s major cities up close and personal by running.  I’ve met some very cool people while out for a run.  My favorite places to run are trails through forests and on that part of the beach where the water has packed the sand.

I thought about blogging about my running gear today.  Because my hips had to be broken and turned to face forward properly, it affects my stride slightly.  I’m especially choosy about shoes.  I need extra support and cushioning but I want the lightest pair I can get by with.  I’m using Saucony ProGrid Stabil with Defeet socks now.  Great shoes and my feet, ankles and hips are grateful. 

By the way I do almost all of my shopping on-line, except for shoes.  I need to try them on.  However, I’ve been very impressed with Zappos.  If you’re not satisfied return them (shipping is on them) and they’ll send you another pair immediately.   Most of the time we receive our orders the very next day.  Great company!

Because I like to carry a couple of items I like Reebok running shorts with pockets, they wick away moisture and if they get wet they dry quickly.  I carry my car key, a couple of dollars, cell phone (a hassle) and a voice recorder for any thoughts I want to capture.

A lot of times I wear my iPod to listen to books or music.  Currently I’m listening to Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places by Eugene Peterson.  Great book by the way.  I’ve read it twice and this is my third time to listen to it.

This year my doctor has told me to wear sunscreen and a hat.  Because I don’t like cancer, I’m doing it.  If you have any recommendations for sunscreen, I’m listening.  I’ve not got the hat things down yet.  I’ve never wore hats.  So I trying a couple out.  Open for suggestions here too.

Very important for everyone is good eye protection I wear a pair of Revo Sunglasses.  I don’t like glare or bugs hitting me in the eyes.

Happy Trails!

3 thoughts on “My Running Gear

  1. Hey Pastor,
    I just ran a 5K at the Toledo Zoo. Finished in 32:53. Not as fast as I wanted, but still a personal best since high school. I just got a pair of new shoes myself. They are Brooks Glycerin. I got these so I could rotate them with a pair of Brooks Adreneline that I have about 300 miles on. I went to Total Runner in Southgate to get fit for my first pair and was able to save quite a bit of money getting my new ones from They are last year’s model, but still new to me. This website has everything running including hats. I have not been much for hats while I run except in the winter. I did wear just an old ball cap to the race on Saturday though. Check them out…they offer good prices and if you do a search you can find discount coupons. I found a 15% off my entire order. I was able to get a free shirt with my order. All said I spent under $70 for a pair of shoes, shorts and shirt. They don’t charge shipping either and will even give you free shipping back if you don’t like something.

  2. Thanks Jason! Congratulations on your 5K. I bet running at the Zoo was great. Thanks for the tip on the website too.

    I’ve never liked hats. But it appears to be the smart thing to do in the afternoons. When I’m on vacation my favorite time to run is just before lunch. A shower afterwards and food is great!


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