Prayer and God’s will

An Intensive Care Nurse put her arm around me this week and said, referring to one of our members miraculous recovery, “This has been God.”  I agreed.

Last week a surgeon said, “I have bad news.  I can’t operate.  It’s worse than we thought.  We will have to send her to …”  In a couple of hours they decided to try again and the surgery was successful.  The doctor came out and said, “Thank-you for praying.”

The week before another dear friend suffered a massive stroke.  What a privilege to join with his family in the ICU waiting room and softly but with great sincerity and love to intercede with them in prayer for his healing.  What a recovery!  The doctor told the children, “this is a miracle!”

A few weeks ago a man crossed the line at Woodland and committed his life to Jesus Christ.  He was filled with hurt and anguish over the tragedies he has experienced.  Finally he came to a place of trust in God who loves him and gave His life so that he could be born again.  A praying wife and daughter are in the background of this story.

Are there seasons of miracles?  I don’t know.  But I do agree with the oft quoted “The more I pray, the more coincidences happen.” (Trench)

Prayer is not so much our telling God our needs.  It certainly includes that.

Prayer is also about our being called into partnership with God in Christ to cooperate with Him in the bringing about of His will upon the earth.  “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is heaven.”

How do we know the “good, pleasing and perfect will” of God (see Romans 12:2)?  Reading the Bible of course.  But also through devoting ourselves to doing the will of God.  The more we practice the will of God, we build a habit into our life that the Holy Spirit uses to change us into delighting in the will of God.  He becomes our pursuit, our joy, our reason for living.

What does this have to do with prayer? As we devote ourselves to the study and application of His Word we become better equipped to pray and understand the will of God!  Healing was certainly the will of God.  Jesus demonstrated that.  Although we know he didn’t heal everyone he met.  The Bible stories do not record Jesus refusing to heal someone who asked.  My take away.  I’m going to pray the will of God and give Him the glory!

How about you?

Do you have any stories of miraculous answers to prayer?  Would you share them with me? Thanks.

Peace and Joy!

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