A few days with our children

Becky and I spent a few days with Andrew and Dana in North Carolina last week.  It was fun to eat together and talk about whatever!  There was a deli that I wanted to eat at again.  While we were waiting in line, they were teasing me about the amount of food I ate last time.  So I cut back.  It wasn’t nearly as fun!  The food is great!

Talking about food.  Dana is a wonderful cook.  She cooks really healthy stuff, but I eat lots of it!  It’s really delicious.  I would spread out like a U.S. map eating at her table.  Besides that she likes Starbucks and chocolate.  Two of my favorites.

Andrew and I got the opportunity to go for one run.  He actually was speed walking while I was running.  I wanted to trip him.  I should have tripped him.  Always trying to show me up!  I remembered when I used to carry him and his brother’s hiking.  I would end up carrying two in my arms and one on my shoulders.  He should show a little more respect to his Dad.  At least look like you’re running.  🙂

Andrew is in language school at Fort Bragg and Dana is interviewing for teaching positions.  Great news, she just sent me a message.  She got the job!  🙂  I knew she would.

Dana and Becky worked on job interview skills.  Shoot, I could interview for a teaching job now.  At least I know how to  answer the questions.  They pulled me in for awhile.  My wife is brilliant.  She asks great questions.

Andrew was showing me his language work.  While he was explaining the material to me, writing sentences, and diagramming a family tree, I remembered when he was a munchkin.  Becky was teaching him how to read and write.  She worked faithfully with him doing “Hooked on Phonics.”  What memories.  I told you she was brilliant.

They have joined a church they love.  They are in a small group and participating in the life of the congregation.  It’s great to see them put down roots in a home church and loving it!

I love my family!

Peace and joy!

3 thoughts on “A few days with our children

  1. um dad… I never did hooked on phonics, that was actually a joke me and Chris always used. Mom used Christian Liberty and abeka Phonics.

  2. Pastor, you have such a great family. I love how you always remember the “little” things. These things are what life is made of.

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