God answered prayer!

Yesterday we turned to God in prayer for a dear man who had a massive stroke.  As we prayed for him and his family we also prayed for his doctors and nurses.  There were tears and testimonies of God’s past faithfulness.  The gift of faith was stirred in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.   Although there were many tears, peace reigned and we were confident that God heard us.

This morning I received the call that God had indeed answered our prayers for Harold’s recovery.  He was talking and moving.  The family, the medical team and this pastor rejoices in the Lord.  To God be the glory!

Where do you turn in a crisis?

God loves you.   He hears your cries and longs for you to trust him.  So today cast your care upon him.

If you need someone to pray with you, please let me know.  It will be an honor.

Peace and Joy!

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