“One for the Family”

Becky and I enjoyed watching the Masters Sunday afternoon.  It’s always fun for us to see the pictures of the blazing azaleas, hear the mocking birds and watch the most talented golfers play this absolutely beautiful course in Georgia!  The icing on the cake was watching Phil Mickelson win the Masters and hug his beautiful wife.  Then he embraced his children.

I love golf but I love families more!  Did you hear Jim Nantz say, “There’s one for the family!”

After the distractions of a golfer’s scandalous behavior the win “for the family” was indeed a Masters Moment.

Peace and Joy!

2 thoughts on ““One for the Family”

  1. I agree Pastor. I loved see Phil hugging his wife with a tear rolling down his face. I hear you actually played on the masters course. That would be unbelievable, with all the history to think about while playing.

  2. Mike, to play at Augusta would be a dream come true. But no I’ve not played there. Getting to visit and walk around the course has been great however.

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