St. Patrick

He was like a lot of young teenaged boys I’ve known.  Leaning to the wild side of life, nominal Christian, grandson of a respected pastor and more interested in fun that faith.  Suddenly his world was  turned upside down when Irish raiders stormed his northwest England village.  He along with some other young men were forced onto a ship where they were taken to Ireland.  Patrick was sold to Miliuc, a tribal chieftain and Druid.  This educated, Biblically trained, and well to do young man was sent to tend flocks.  He was devastated and his world was turned totally upside down.

But God was in control.

What happened next?  Tomorrow.

Peace and Joy!

2 thoughts on “St. Patrick

  1. Thank you for all the info on St. Patrick. It gives me the information I need to start conversations today!

  2. Thanks for reading Deb. I hope you enjoyed some interesting and fruitful conversation. I’ve learned from Patrick’s method of evangelism.

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