Two Interesting Books: Leadership and For Men Only

Two books that held my interest today so much that I only drank two cups of coffee (Sumatra) while reading were Leadership Reconsidered by Ruth Tucker and For Men Only: A Straightforward Guide to the Inner Lives of Women by Shaunti and Jeff Feldhan.

Professor Tucker has written two other books that I’ve read From Jerusalem to Irian  Jaya and Walking Away from Faith.  The stories in Leadership Reconsidered hold your attention as she builds her arguments around them.  Her ideas regarding leadership go against the flow of modern leadership group think.  Although I agree with her on legacy, and that the Bible is not a textbook for leadership (it certainly informs good leadership) I do think she dismisses to easily the leadership models she considers.  It would be very interesting to hear from those she disagrees with.  She also weaves in her convictions on gender (she is egalitarian) and environmentalism.  I will reread the book.

The Feldhans’ book was a good read for me as husband and a pastor.  There was one particular surprise for me in the book.  To tell you would spoil it, so if you’re a husband or hope to be husband, I would especially recommend the book.  The questions in the graphs are a must read.  I will recommend this book in my next marriage series.  Hey even Jeff Foxworthy and his wife recommend the book!

What have you read interesting lately?

What have you read about leadership that you would recommend?  About women that you would recommend?

The best part of the day having lunch with my wife at Panera!  Like so many other good things in life it was just to quick!  She is the love of my life!

Peace and Joy!

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